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WAM Fox Call - The ONLY cost effective Fox Calling / Game Calls / Predator Call Solution


WAM Fox Call has been voted the best fox call in the UK scoring 4 out of 4 in Shooting Times Magazine! If you are new to fox calling and game calling, or an experienced shooter or game keeper - WAM Fox Call has been proven to be the very best solution to get those Charlies running to you. Predator hunting has never been so easy and rewarding.


Fox calling is the prime solution to getting your prey in sight, with the WAM Fox Call proving to be the hunter's choice over the years. The WAM Fox Call is the choice addage to your fox hunting gear, creating the most authentic fox calling sounds and predator hunting sounds. Game calls can be achieved with a number of devices, but none with the simplicity and design strength of the WAM Fox Call.


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Check out the benefits of WAM Fox Call:


WAM Fox Call | Fox Calling


  • Strong and Lightweight
  • Proven Track Record with Established Hunters
  • Affordable and Effective
  • Speedy Delivery
  • No Batteries Required!


“Operation is simple and effective, unlike some other fox calls we have used, Once in position you just blow or suck through the WAM and it will produce that high pitched shriek/squeal of a wounded/distressed rabbit, The WAM stands out as easy and effective to use, well worth getting one if you are a novice or an expert”


Shooting Sports – January 2007


"Tried this caller out last night for first time. Had a fox run at me from over 200 yards once I started calling. Excellent calling device. would recommend"


- Customer Testimonial


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